Tuesday, November 29, 2005

christmas and work

So, we have settled in Canada. We're doing great, Sigvard the cat is good and everything is going well. Christmas is coming up and I can feel the panic raising in me: presents!! I've been online, trying to find gift ideas.. I found a very informative and good site on Christmas. Unfortunately it is in Finnish, but everybody from Finland, take a look:

I work at a local daycare and I've had some issues at work. I know that interns often get taken advantage of, but it really feels like crap, when you know you've been screwed over. Here is a letter that I will hand out to the board of directors tomorrow. Maybe you can share your thoughts with me after reading it. Is this really that bad?

“On Monday Nov. 7th I went to talk with Shelley about my hours. Originally we had agreed that I would be working in toddlers Mon, Wed, Fri from 9am to 1pm and in preschool as the TA from 3:30pm to 5:30pm everyday. Rest of the time I would spend on my music program (Mon, Wed, Fri 2pm to 3:30 and Tue, Thu 9am to 3:30). Since I'm doing only 30 minutes of music at a time in every program, I need only approximately 5 hours/week for the actual music teaching.

Until the Monday 7th of November, during my 'extra music time' I had been used as a supply staff, covering other staff who was sick or otherwise absent. I did not get paid to do this. In my understanding, it is against the center restrictions to have an unpaid staff/student covering qualified staff. I also understand this to be very convenient for the supervisor not having to call an actual supply to come in.

I asked Shelley if it would be possible for me to spend all of my extra time doing school work off site and working towards my degree. And if not, should I start filling in the supply time sheets every time I am covering other staff. Shelley did not like the idea of me asking for more money. We agreed that I bring in my own laptop, because she does not want me to leave the building during the day (other than my lunch break, of course).

I have gone through my pay stubs and they show that I get paid for 12 hours/week. I find this somewhat weird, because in my understanding I need to get paid for (at least) 22 hours/week (12 hours in toddlers and 10hours as a TA in PS). I was told that I would get paid different amounts for these two programs, but I didn't think the amounts to be $10 and $0.

It is true that I can only earn 700CAD/month in order to be eligible for the monthly allowance from the Finnish government. However, as in right now I'm earning little over $500 a month. And as a student those $200 would make a big difference.”

Oh well, back to the work..