Tuesday, April 26, 2005

it's been a while

There has been no time for me to write on this blog. Ok, that was a lie. I'm lazy. But seriously I have been busy. Spring semester will end on May 13th, but before that I need to do heaps of studying. (I learned the word 'heaps' from my Australian friend Matthew, and have no idea if I can use it in that kind of sentence)

This Friday I will get the last three wisdom teeth pulled out. Very nervous.
Yesterday I managed to get a job interview, but the only time available is on Friday afternoon. I explained that my whole head will probably be swollen and I won't look my best. At least they'll remember me. (and maybe they'll feel so sorry for me, that they want to ease my pain and hire me :) Good plan. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather go there with all my teeth in my mouth, looking nice, not like a hamster.

Last weekend I went over my parents place in Kankaanpää. There were two reasons for my trip: mom sewed me the prettiest dress for my sisters graduation party and a gardening job. I'll upload some pictures on this blog after the party (June 4th). The gardening job was good. This man (who owns a sausage factory and has loads of money) called me and wanted help with their garden. Of course I said yes (absolutely need the money). I did seven hours of raking on Saturday. On Sunday morning I didn't have a single muscle in my body that didn't hurt. But it was good for me. Saturday was a perfect day to spend outside. I even tanned a little. I think. :)

Well, now I have to get going.
Have a good one.



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