Friday, March 11, 2005

tooth and sami

This morning I went to get my allergy shots, but because of the infection and antibiotics the nurse refused to do the treatment. I told her how I'm scared to get my wisdom tooth pulled out and she told me to go see the dentist right away and ask about premedication possibilities. I did, and the dentist was clearly amused that I was so upset because of the upcoming procedure. So, his suggestion was that I'd go there a little later (12.50) and he would pull it out the same day.
I went home, was nervous, did laundry and decided to make Sami some breakfast and take it to bed for him. Good idea. Well.. He wasn't able to get up. He had chest pain. For about 20 minutes he had this weird pain and then he told me that he feels really sick. I jumped on the bed, lifted his legs up trying to get some blood to his brain. He fainted. I called ambulance. I was in panic, but I think I did pretty well. I was crying the whole time (I know, that's wrong..), but the help arrived soon, and then I was a little embarrassed with my read face and swollen eyes.. but still in shock. They did all kinds of tests and Sami was feeling better. Then they told us to go to the hospital, they didn't take Sami because he's feeling ok and not needing immediate help. The doctor came to see him, and after EKG-tests and stuff like that he (mr. doctor) said that Sami's heart is fine. It's his spine that has some problems. Hmm...
Well after that we still had 30 minutes till my appointment at the dentist. We went there a little early and he (mr. dentist) was ready to do the operation a little early too, so I had no time for further panicking. It didn't hurt at all! Now I have a new appointment on April 19, that's when he's going to pull all the rest of them out. And the day before that I can go and get some Diapam to make me more relaxed. Haha. :)

What a day.



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