Thursday, February 24, 2005

computers and skiing

For some reason I got this idea that I could learn html and design web sites. Well, against all expectations it turned out I couldn't. At least in 10 minutes, that's how long I had the patience to try. I'm not a patient person.
There was a research if the people who have a broadband Internet connection are less patient in their real life, because they've used to get fast service online and their computers are working so fast. Research said yes. And so do I. I want everything right away: learn Italian, Spanish, html, css, have money, travel, pizza, 6-pack abs, firm tights. And I go mad if my email doesn't open in less than 0,5 seconds.

One more day of school and the long waited winter break begins. Exact translation of the Finnish word for 'winter break' is 'skiing vacation'. I'm afraid I have to go skiing, 'cause I promised Sami I would go. We'll see. Maybe we'll do more than 3 kilometers this time. I'm really not that anti-sporty as this might sound. Really, I just don't like skiing.

Friends on TV. Gotta run.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The World Championships in cross country skiing are taking place this week in Germany and the Finns are doing bad. Not that it would affect to my life in any way, but I guess it would be nice (for them at least) if they did better. But then again it's their own fault if they suck. BTW, I like people who can admit their own mistakes and failures. One example of people always blaming everyone else is Kalle Palander. He's a Finnish downhill skier who lately has been doing bad, but that's not his own fault. It's the icy hill or weather or fans or his hair (that is falling out of his head too early) or media. Like these things would have anything to do with his skills. So Mr. Palander, if you're reading this blog: Instead of wasting your time in this kind of garbage, go practice.

I hate skiing. That's one of the reasons I'm really not the one complaining if the Finns are too slow and not in the top positions. Sami and I went skiing last Friday. I did surprisingly well and agreed to do the whole 2,5 kilometers. :) My mother is totally into skiing. I think she's skied 600 kilometers this winter, and counting. That is crazy. Crazy, I say.

All right people, time for me to go.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Sami and I took out a home insurance. The deal was pretty good, and what made it even better was the 30% discount if we buy a travel insurance at the same time. And so we did. Now we're insured at home (or actually only most of our belongings) and when we travel 50 kilometers or further away from home. And it's valid abroad too, of course.
The reason for taking it was my little accident, which destroyed a cell phone, a digital camera, a bottle of liquorice vodka (salmiakkikossu) and a purse. Two words: ALL GONE. So in case of other accidents we wanted to be sure that we're covered.

And what did we learn from my little story?
-Don't store alcohol in your purse - drink it.


google adsense

I decided to give it a try. Funny what kinds of ads they put on my blog.


working online?

This whole summer job thing stresses me out. So, I did a little research on some money making options online. Didn't find anything suitable for me. I guess one problem is that I don't live in the States (-> can't fill out surveys or join focus groups.. And they don't pay very well either, that's what I hear.) And other problem might be that I'm not that good with computers...
Does somebody have suggestions how I could make money on the Internet?
George, any tips for your lovely Finnish friend?

Take care now, bye bye then.

Monday, February 21, 2005

cat and vacation

Sigvard is so cute. On Saturday I was thinking how hard it must be to be a mom (or a dad) and not totally spoil your kids. They're too adorable when they sleep.
Our cat likes to sleep on my chest when I watch TV or read or just get comfortable on the couch. I could be staring at him for hours, he's so tiny and beautiful and cute and all. And he is just a cat. How hard it must be having own children and not over protecting them..? Crazy.

Winter vacation starts this Friday. A much needed brake. Sami, Sigvard and I are going over my parents place. They have an exchange student from Chile staying with them and we're going to go keep her company. It's going to be fun, because both of my "older" younger sisters are coming too. And their bf's. My younger siblings are looking forward to the brake because of Sigvard. They just love to play with the cat (am not sure if Sig feels the same about them).
(Let me do this sibling thing a little easier for all of you: I have three younger sisters 20 yrs, 18 yrs and 7 yrs and one brother 8 yrs old)

Love and peace.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


I did it. I finished the essay that's one month over due. I feel great.
So why didn't I do it right away? That we may never know. I should make that a habit; do all the school work in time. Or maybe even a couple days earlier than the due date. (This will not happen, ever)

An old friend of mine sent me an email (actually two) today. Made me happy. Friends are cool to have. (why does that sound a little retarded?) Well, it's true. I like having friends.

Last weekend my dad and I built a climbing/playing thingy for Sigvard. (see the picture below) I think he's all for it.

Me tired, go for a nap now. Bye.

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Sunday, February 13, 2005


Why are Sundays so annoying? Why can't we just enjoy the last day of the week and not think that tomorrow we have to go to school/work again? Sundays are ruined by the thoughts of Mondays. And after all Mondays are ok..

I'm terrified. I just completed a form online and took out a student loan. I never even thought of that, but now it seems that there is no choice. Wow. Need to get a job. I think I need to forget my plans to go and visit some people in Chicago this coming summer. Sad.

My sister and her bf left today. The whole weekend was a blast. They are a lot of fun to hang out with. On Friday we went to a bar and wanted to play Trivial Pursuit and drink some beer. We ended up having this weird dude sitting in our table with us and speaking of things he really didn't have point or opinion on and did not actually even know what he was talking about. But like all the great drunken people, he didn't give up of jadijadijaaing, made a fool of himself and made us drink even more. On Saturday we went bowling, which was fun. Then we drank a little more beer. (Don't get me wrong, this is not a habit and NOT the reason I need to take out a loan..) And then today, I've had this normal 'I-don't-like-Sundays' -vibe.

Take care everybody.

Hey Gball: we're proud of you. You rock :) (we=m & sigvard)

Thursday, February 10, 2005

summer job??

I'm looking for a summer job. Easier said than done. In this town there are so many students that it's almost impossible to get a job for a short period of time. Especially for summer when almost every student can work. (Well I'm sure the same problem exist in any town for that matter...) So as a freshman in a university I have no qualification for anything yet as I've come to realize, I have no chance to get any well paying or even ok paying job. And nowadays when you apply for almost every job via email, they don't even get back to you and let you know. How easy would that be? Just say: "Sorry, the place is taken, you looser" or "Better luck next time" or "Loose weight". Something that does not leave you guessing if you should apply to a hundred different places more. I'm so stressed out about this. Today I called a place I had applied a month ago, asking if they wanted my work references. She told me they've invited some people to the interview and one of the places has already been taken. And there is no way in hell they could let all 200 applicants know. "¤/&!(¤%&?-¤#

My sister and her bf are coming to visit us this weekend. That is fun. And makes me feel better too. There's only one little thing.. I have been lazy (again) and have a paper to do (3 weeks over due), and I feel that I should get to it fairly soon. I hate when work keeps piling up, and the only person I can blame is myself. :(

Sig is doing good. Getting bigger. Crazier. Funnier.

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