Monday, November 29, 2004


Last Thursday Sami and I got a cat. He's 8 weeks old and so so cute. He is also a little crazy, and that's the reason we picked him. We call him Sigvard. Weird name for a weird cat.

So we went online, looked for some people selling kitties. We found an ad, and I called them. They said we could go and check out the cats later that day, so we did. The place was in the middle of no where and it was a little scary to go inside the house. Anyway, they had four beautiful little baby cats and we picked our very own wacko-cat after the lady said that he has the most character..
Before we went to pick him up, we stopped at a store that sells cat equipment. We bought a lot of stuff, which was kind of funny, not knowing what our cat would be like... And we've never owned a pet so it was interesting.

Well, now we are living a nice family life, spoiling the kitty and most of all laughing at him all the time. He is so funny and cute! And he loves to poo. Luckily, he knows where to go, and we've had no accidents with slippery brown stuff on the floor. :)

Later on I'm planning to upload some pictures of him. (Unfortunately at the moment I don't know how...)

Have a great day.


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